Essay on a family member

Like all other essays, a family essay must also be written in a specific format, in a structured manner.

Essay on a family member

Saturday, March 31, Descriptive Essay: A Particular Friend Or Family Member If I need to choose one of my family members, I may prefer to write about my superhero in my life that is my beloved father. Actually in my mind, I had three persons that always be my superheroes in my life.

Essay on a family member

Each of them has their own achievement in their life that I think I should be proud and respect to them. Besides that, these three person are always be the person who always supporting me from my back when I need somebody to be my shoulder beside my closed friend. My father might not be the superheroes such like Superman, Spiderman or Batman but my beloved father are always be the great superhero in my life.

There are the reasons why I choose my beloved father to be my super hero and the person I think I need to describe about. Everyone in this world has their own father and surely they also have their own opinion about the characteristics of their beloved father.

So do I, I also has my own opinion about the characteristics of my father that I impressed from I am kids until who I am today.

He is an open-minded and a patient person because if I want to share anything to my father, he will listen carefully on what I want to talk about and after that he will try to give the best solution to me to solve the problem. After that, he is good disciplinarian because my father loves his children but he does not let we get away with murder.

He does this through the power of his words, not his fists. Furthermore, he is a firm father too because when he set a rule, he still give we a little freedom to break it with a rational reasons. Actually, I am proud to be his daughter because there too many achievement that my father achieved in his career.

And now, I knew the reasons why and I agreed with them. The achievement that my father had achieved in his life really can inspire me to be like him. He is really hard working to get what he wants to achieve in his life.

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He really makes me feel that my father is a great person at my eyes. Furthermore, he is a discipline person in his work. If my father had nothing to do on that day, he will start to finish his work. My father will try to finish his work according to the plan he created.

My father is a humble person too because the first point I see is my father not teach my family to live in clover, although in fact he was able to provide it. Then, my father still be himself even he had a great achievement in his life and he do not like to use his rank that he has in his daily life or anything.

For him, the rank will bring us nowhere and it was just the rank. My father actually are not comes from an easy family but with his hard working and perseverance in study can helps he to improve the standard of living of his family until now. That is why my father really focused about the education in our family.

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It is because my father always said that without education, we will go nowhere. That was his principle in life.This is an essay in which I will attempt to evaluate the premise of whether a nuclear family is bad for its members using differences between the Functionalist perspectives of the family against the contrasting view of the Marxist and Feminist approach.

Essay on a family member

I will outline the main approaches from all three and draw a . From the mid-nineteenth century to the twentieth century, the American family experienced radical changes in its styles and shapes that eventually empowered society to create the ideal roles for each family member and impose them as the American family model – more like a utopia family.

this short story was originally published in Passages North, Februrary I’m not sure if you’ve met my brother? He’s worked at the Dairy Queen for the last two years. He’s met pretty. Family This essay is associated with family issues which including the definitions of different types of family, the traditional roles of each family member, the changes to families in different cultures and the benefits and problems of living in a family.

The loss of a family member does not always refer to a death, but can also refer to an emotional or physical distance put between two people. In “The Shawl” by Louise Erdrich, there is an example of a physical loss and its effects.

In my essay I intend to prove that many family problems are not actual problems and that a simple readjustment of priorities is all that is needed in order to fix the problem. The idea originally came to me whilst watching the movie "Saw 2".

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