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Come Before Winter February 3rd, by patrickmorrison As the curtain of his life was soon to draw to a close, Paul wrote to his son in the faith:

Find true love articles

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A Question of Excellence How do you define "excellence? A Neighborly Christmas A cheerful little article to leave you in a Christmasy mood. Loosening Up Your family life may be run by schedules, and that's great, but summer is the time to loosen up.

Find true love articles

Back to Christian Homeschool The secular culture is trying to remake homeschooling in its own image. Time to get back to Christian homeschooling! Keeping Peace at Home How can we have "the peace that passes understanding" in our homeschools.

There's More to Family "You're wasting your life spending so much time with your family.

Find true love articles

Wordly Wisdom Teach your children knowledge, but don't neglect to teach them wisdom as well. Marion Kester Coombs How to Not Raise a Slacker Kid One of my favorite writers, Marion Kester Coombs, explains why kids today often want to be slackers instead of scholars, and what we can do about it.

Here's why family music is great! Martin Cothran explains the essentials of this old but newly popular homeschool method. How homeschooling improves the quality of the public schools.

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College instructor Michelle Dalrymple tells us what she learned about the difference between traditionally schooled and homeschooled students. Your First College Class Michelle Dalrymple shares hints on how to make a good impression from the first day of class. Grandpa Was a Gem How one grandpa made homeschool great.

Ellyn Davis From Homeschool to Home Business Ellyn Davis shares what she's learned about starting your own business and where to find help. Richard Driggers shows how to accelerate learning skills by playing this classic game.

How to Teach Worldview Cathy Duffy explains how to add worldview education to your already busy homeschool curriculum. Samuel Francis A Foundation This nationally syndicated columnist talks about building up the New Republic. Lisa Gard unveils the possibility that some supposed cases of ADD can be cured by an optometrist.

Brittany Glenny How to Pick a Piano Teacher Learn to tell a good piano teacher from a bad one and even how to start your own piano teaching business.

How to Start Tricia Goyer explains how to get your kids started in community service Pat Graves Library Attack!

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Going to the library with lots of young kids can be Elise Griffith Homeschooling a Gifted Child Elise Griffith tells about how she and her husband managed the education of their gifted child.

Ken Ham Evolution is Obsolete The dirty little secret textbooks forget to mention: Evolution is a theory without a mechanism. Does your textbook teach is the place to go to get the answers you need and to ask the questions you want.

When a narcissist comes into your life it is like being hit by a freight train. One day you were going about your everyday life, and within a very short amount of time, before you could even catch your breath you were swept up into an entirely differently reality.

Gary Zukav makes reference to a Hindu poem “Destruction never appears weapon in hand. Proclaiming the grace of God in Jesus Christ.

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IRAN HELPING HOUTHIS SINCE UN Report: Iran Helping Houthis Since By Ben Ariel (Arutz Sheva News) Iran has been shipping weapons to Yemen’s Houthi rebels since at least , according to a confidential UN report seen by AFP, which reported about it on Friday.

NASRALLAH VOWS: HEZBOLLAH WILL DEFEAT SYRIAN REBELS! by Arutz Sheva Staff. Hezbollah chief issues televised address, vows to take ‘responsibility and .

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