How to write action class in struts 2 interceptor

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How to write action class in struts 2 interceptor

Annotation based configuration i. Front Controller Front Controller is very important component one which route the all the requests into framework control that means when ever requests land on different controllers it queues that request to the controller of framework without this MVC framework will not may be able to take control of the request at landing at the application.

So front controller is not only capture the request but also the following responsibility- It initialize the framework to cater to the requests.

how to write action class in struts 2 interceptor

Load the map of all URLs and the components responsible to handle the request. Prepare the map for the views. Spring MVC Basic Architecture The Spring web MVC framework provides model-view-controller architecture and ready components that can be used to develop flexible and loosely coupled web applications.


The MVC pattern results in separating the different aspects of the application input logic, business logic, and UI logicwhile providing a loose coupling between these elements.

In Spring MVC framework Dispatcher Servlet access Front Controller which handles all coming requests and queses for forward to the different controller. Whenever request lands the dispatcher servlet consult with HandlerMapping HandlerMapping— is a component which have the map of URL and Controller which need to be invoked for that particular request which lands with URL 2.

POJO it will be put on the view and response will be send back to browser. Request lands to Front Controller i. Capture the Request Locale i.

Check for multipart-file MIME type header or not upload data from distributed application 4. Consult with HandlerMapping for which Controller to be invoked 5.

This Handler Chain is responsible to be invoked some of the interceptors that needs to be invoked before of a controller and after the controller that means interceptors are here like very to similar to the filters that help to separate the pre-process logic and post-process logic.

After process of pre-process interceptor return to the controller process the post-process logic. After choosing view technology prepare the view and return the response back to the client.

Interface to handle the file uploads LocaleResolver: Helps to resolve the locale from the request ThemeResolver: Plugs the other frameworks handlers HandlerExceptionResolver: Mapping of the exceptions to handlers and views ViewResolver: Maps the view names to view instances All the above mentioned components ie.

HandlerMapping, Controller and ViewResolver are parts of WebApplicationContext which is an extension of the plain ApplicationContext with some extra features necessary for web applications. The following is an example to show declaration and mapping for spring3 DispatcherServlet example: The InternalResourceViewResolver will have rules defined to resolve the view names.

Used at the class level Tells the spring framework that the marked class acts as a controller.I have my application in Struts1 and I have used Dispatch action in all my actions. Please tell me now how do I Shift to struts 2 and what are the modifications .

Working With Struts 2 Interceptor With Example Struts» on Oct 29, { 9 Comments } By Sivateja I n struts 1.x we have a RequestProcessor class if we want any per-processing services and post processing services for an Action, so that we used to implement in the RequestProcessor class, but this services will be executed for all the .

Spring MVC

If you are migrating your configuration from an earlier release of WebSphere® Application Server, you should be aware of the various features that were deprecated in this and earlier releases. For example, refers to version 9, release 0, modification 0, and fix-pack 1.

It is also common to. You Might Also Like. Struts 2 Hibernate Integration Example [ Struts 2 + Hibernate Integration] Struts2 Custom Interceptor Example, Struts2 Interceptors.

Struts 2 and JSON example –

Struts 2 provides handful of default interceptors behind the scenes. One example is the exception handling at action level. Also we can write our own interceptors and add our own business logic inside the custom interceptors.

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how to write action class in struts 2 interceptor
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