Romeo and juliet lady capulet essay

Order now Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! Juliet is the daughter of Lord and Lady Capulet, a wealthy and well-respected family. Although young and members of opposing families in a long-standing feud, Juliet and Romeo fall instantly in love with each other, and marry in secret. Lord Capulet and his wife are shown to care for Juliet, and at first it seems that Capulet is reluctant for her to leave the family home through marriage.

Romeo and juliet lady capulet essay

Do you think they should be forgiven or punished? I think that Juliet's and Romeo's parents are the ones to blame for Romeo and Juliet's death for three reasons. The reasons are as followed: Juliet's parents are Capulets while Romeo's parents are Montagues, and these two families bitterly hated each other.


The second reason was that Juliet wasn't close to Lady Capulet and because of that she wasn't able to have a mother-daughter talk with her about what was going on in her life.

The final reason is that Juliet's parents insisted on Juliet getting married way sooner than she had anticipated. The first reason that I think that Juliet's and Romeo's parents are the ones to blame for her and Romeo's death is that hate made them blind to all that was going on around them.

Juliet was a Capulet while Romeo was a Montague. The problem with this was that the Capulets and Montagues hated each other because of an ancient grudge.

Even though this hate didn't extent to Romeo and Juliet, if their parents had found out about their love and their marriage, they would have accused them of betraying their family name, disowned them, and send an assassin after them.

They wouldn't have been able to look past their hate for one another and realize that this was heavens way of telling them that it was time for them to come together through Romeo and Juliet. In the end, their hatred brought more pain and suffering to them, since the root of all the problems in the play was the hatred between these two families.

Secondly, Juliet was not close to her mother by any stretch of the imagination. Her mother should have been her personal cheerleader, best friend, and someone that was always available to listen to Juliet's problems and give her good advice.

But Juliet did not have that kind of relationship with Lady Capulet. Juliet couldn't go and tell her mother about her secret marriage to Romeo because her mom would not have understood.

If Juliet had had that kind of relationship with Lady Capulet, she wouldn't have used extreme measures taken the potion to make her look "dead" since Lady Capulet would have been able to give her good advice on how she could be with Romeo or she would have spoken to Lord Capulet on Juliet'sJuliet Capulet, the female protagonist, is the only daughter of Capulet, the patriarch of the Capulet family.

As a child she was cared for by a Nurse, who is now her confidante. Juliet dies at the end of the play, and the sacred lovers are reunited on the same deathbed.

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Feb 11,  · Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare - Analysis of Juliet's Soliloquy Act 4 Scene 3 William Shakespe are uses many different techniques to show Juliets headaches.

The scene starts with Juliet say the sustain and lady Capulet to leave her al integrity.

Romeo and juliet lady capulet essay

Free Essay: Lady Capulet in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet A woman during the 16th century did not have the freedoms that a woman today enjoys. During.

Romeo and juliet lady capulet essay

Romeo. Sixteen-year-old Romeo Montague falls in love with Juliet Capulet at a masquerade, thus igniting their tragic affair. Romeo is defined by a self-indulgent melancholy at the beginning of the play, but later becomes a much more active and committed character, which is clear when he kills Tybalt.

This is a set of table style essay plans for Romeo, Juliet, Tybalt, Nurse, Lord and Lady Capulet, Mercutio, Benvolio and Friar Lawrence. I used these as a revision strategy for my English Literature GCSE and got an A*.

Summary Of Romeo And Juliet English Literature Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: Lady Capulet tells Juliet that his husband to be Paris will attend the party tonight forcing her to agree the will of her mother and Juliet suggests that she will decide whether she will love him or not. Romeo and Juliet awake and exchange the last.

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