Thesis directory plugin

If enabled by such a user, other users may use [email] or [global] shortcodes in their entries as well. Screenshots An example of one of the many hooks to which OpenHook provides access.

Thesis directory plugin

The plugin is distributed as a jar file.

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To download the file, click here. You can also create a new directory within the plugins directory called Segmentation, for exampleand then copy the plugin there. Plugin Interface Using the plugin is rather intuitive. To segment an image the user must open an image file, input desired parameters manually or using the interactive tool, and run the segmentation algorithm.

After the segmentation process is finished, the user has the option of saving the output image containing the segmentation Thesis directory plugin and a text file with the parameters used logfile. The following figure shows the different parts of the plugin; a description follows.

Invoking the segmentation plugin displays two windows: The ImageJ toolbar, displayed below, is used to run the plugin only.

It does not add any functionality to the plugin, but closing it will close the segmentation plugin as well as with any other ImageJ plugin. The Active Mask Segmentation window is the main window of the plugin and it consists of several panels described below see figure. After opening an image file using the Open button in the Commands panel, the image to be segmented is displayed here.

After running the segmentation algorithm, the resulting image, containing all the masks, is displayed here. Currently, only one image at a time can be segmented. The mode is 2D slice.

Thesis directory plugin

While the algorithm works in any number of dimensions see [1] and associated Matlab codethis version of the plugin implemented 2D segmentation only. This panel contains a table of parameters.

Thesis directory plugin

Every row corresponds to one parameter with an input text box where the value of the parameter must be specified. Upon opening the plugin, the default parameters will be present.

This panel contains three buttons. Save as defaults loads the default parameters to the text boxes of parameters. Interactive launches the interactive tool for selecting parameters. Help opens this help file.

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This text window displays algorithm messages. Open is used to load an image for segmentation. A standard open-file dialog is launched, whereby the user can select a file as with any other application.

Segment runs the segmentation algorithm. A progress-bar dialog window is displayed until the segmentation process is done. Several segmentation processes can be run one after the other before saving any results. The plugin keeps the results of all the previous runs.

See Displaying and Saving Results below. Parameter Description A detailed description of the parameters can be found in [1]; a brief description follows. L Approximate number of objects in an image.

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This is used to set the initial number of masks M [1].Thesis Directory One of the major ongoing projects of American Studies is the construction of a fully searchable senior thesis archive through Digital Georgetown which would make accessible the theses of American Studies students.

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Active Mask Segmentation Plugin [ImageJ Documentation Wiki]