What is ramadan

Single muslims struggling to get married. Dua for protection against fitna of grave, Dajjal and Hell fire. Dua for your progeny,your husband,parents,siblings and inlaws even if you are single. Dua to make you a rich muslim who spends in the path of Allah and is not greedy or stringy or one who spends money on wrong affairs.

What is ramadan

Crescent is colourfully decorated and beautifully illuminated during Ramadan in Jordan Ramadan in the Old City of Jerusalem In some Muslim countries today, lights are strung up in public squares, and across city streets, to add to the festivities of the month.

Lanterns have become symbolic decorations welcoming the month of Ramadan.

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In a growing number of countries, they are hung on city streets. From that time, lanterns were used to light mosques and houses throughout the capital city of Cairo.

Shopping malls, places of business, and people's homes can be seen with stars and crescents and various lighting effects, as well. As the nation with the world's largest Muslim population, Indonesia has diverse Ramadan traditions.

On the island of Javamany Javanese Indonesians bathe in holy springs to prepare for fasting, a ritual known as Padusan.


The city of Semarang marks the beginning of Ramadan with the Dugderan carnival, which involves parading the Warak ngendoga horse-dragon hybrid creature allegedly inspired by the Buraq. In the Chinese-influenced capital city of Jakartafire crackers were traditionally used to wake people up for morning prayer, until the 19th century.

Towards the end of Ramadan, most employees receive a one-month bonus known as Tunjangan Hari Raya. Certain kinds of food are especially popular during Ramadan, such as beef in Acehand snails in Central Java.

The iftar meal is announced every evening by striking the beduga giant drum, in the mosque. Common greetings during Ramadan are "Ramadan Mubarak" or "Ramadan Kareem", which wish the recipient a blessed or generous Ramadan. For instance, in Algeriain October the court of Biskra condemned six people to four years in prison and heavy fines.

Some countries have laws that amend work schedules during Ramadan. Under UAE labor law, the maximum working hours are to be six hours per day and 36 hours per week. QatarOmanBahrain and Kuwait have similar laws. Decreases in crime rates have been reported by the police in some cities in Turkey Istanbul [71] and Konya [72] and the Eastern province of Saudi Arabia.

An Iranian cleric argues that fasting during Ramadan makes people less likely to commit crimes due to spiritual reasons. He criticized Muslims who commit crimes while fasting during Ramadan as "fake and superficial".

As a result, police deploy an additional 7, personnel.

What is ramadan

According to the Yemen Timessuch pilgrims are usually charitable, and consequently smugglers traffic children in from Yemen to beg on the streets of Saudi Arabia. The length of the dawn to sunset time varies in different parts of the world according to summer or winter solstices of the sun.

Most Muslims fast for 11—16 hours during Ramadan. However, in polar regions, the period between dawn and sunset may exceed 22 hours in summers. For example, inMuslims in Reykjavik, Iceland, and Trondheim, Norway, fasted almost 22 hours, while Muslims in Sydney, Australia, fasted for only about 11 hours.

Muslims in areas where continuous night or day is observed during Ramadan follow the fasting hours in the nearest city where fasting is observed at dawn and sunset.

Alternatively, Muslims may follow Mecca time. The prophet Muhammad said that it is important to keep a balance between worship and work. In some Muslim countries, such as Oman, however, working hours are shortened during Ramadan.

Policies putting them at a disadvantage compared to other employees have been met with discrimination claims in the United Kingdom and the United States.Dubai-based Muslim husband and Hindu wife share their routine during Ramadan.

Try the Ramadan Tent at QDs. The old days of Ramadan in Afghanistan. Ramadan a blessed month for Filipino couple. May 30,  · Watch video · Ramadan is a holy month of fasting, introspection and prayer for Muslims, the followers of Islam. Fasting is one of the five fundamental principles of Islam.

Each day during Ramadan, Muslims do. Bismillah Rabbi Zidnee Ilman ”My Lord!

What is ramadan

Increase me in knowledge.” One of the reasons most of us are excited about Ramadan is because it is in this beautiful month that . What is Ramadan? Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar, which is based on the orbiting of the moon (lunar calendar), rather than the orbiting of the earth (solar calendar).

Ending The Fast- Iftaar أدعية الأفطار (The BEST time for Dua to be accepted!) PDF Jpg Ettiquettes of Iftar () "Almighty Allah (swt) releases from Hellfire one million persons in the last hour everyday in the month of Ramadhan; therefore pray to Almighty Allah (swt) to include you with these released ones".

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